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Fixed Annuities

This site is currently being updated, rates below are old, for current rates on fixed annuities visit

We have the following Locked in Fixed Rate Annuity that you can pre determine your total annuity return prior to purchase, in other words, there wont be any surprises).

If you're looking for a good fixed yield in today's market with a short commitment time, check out the annuity we found below:

4.00% locked in for a full 4 years for deposits over $100,000.

The policy is available in all sates except: CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, OR, SC, UT, VT, and WA

A vailable for both Qualified and Non Qualified monies. (After tax and IRA monies)

10% free withdrawals available in all policy years.

Surrender charges for the 4 year option run 8, 8, 7, ,7% for years 1 thru 4. there is a 30 day window at the end of the 4 year period with full liquidity.

This is a simple good old fashioned annuity with very good benefits and features.

For a free detailed investor's kit on this annuity complete the form below or for faster service give us a call Toll FREE at 800-944-7730.

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There is no cost or obligation, just the FREE kit so you can get the complete details. The kit also includes the application as well as transfer forms to move other investments to this annuity. This way, should you decide to lock in this exceptional offer you'll have all you need to easily take advantage of it before rates change.

Fixed Annuity Insider Info.

With fixed annuities you have NO STOCK MARKET RISK. Fixed annuity rates are typically higher than Bank CD's. Plus with a bank CD, taxes are deducted each year by the government, thereby reducing the return you receive. Not so with an annuity.

You take advantage of preferential tax treatment, which permits you to earn interest on your annuity each year and pay no state or federal taxes. Therefore, your money grows faster because you earn interest on principle, interest on interest and interest on money you would normally pay in taxes. Therefore, you'll achieve the POWER OF COMPOUNDING INTEREST.

Many fixed annuities attempt to draw you in with an attractive first year rate that seems amazingly high. But, buyers beware. If you're looking at this type of annuity, focus on the base rate. Find out if it's guaranteed and if not, ask for a copy of the company's renewal rate history. This is a printout that will show you where they renewed past clients as their subsequent interest rate renewals came due. If they're unwilling to show it to you or they have no history, be very careful with your decision to purchase or not. Also ask about the minimum guaranteed rate. Don't be surprised if it's around 2.5 to 3%. This doesn't mean that you'll end up earning that low rate. But it is the true guarantee you are purchasing. After all, you are at their mercy after the guarantee in the early years expires. Fixed annuities do have surrender charges, so don't get stuck with a low yield and surrender charges if you want to get out.

To avoid all of this, look for fixed annuities that lock in the rates for the entire duration. You want to see a plan that has 7 years of declining surrender charges that also guarantees a rate for the entire 7 years. This way you know exactly where you're going to be at the end of the 7 years before you even start. If the plan is for 5 years, get a guarantee on the full 5 years. If it's 10 years, get the rate guaranteed for all 10 years. In the long run, you'll be glad you did.

We are constantly reviewing the fixed annuity market for the best fixed annuities with locked-in rates. We only consider those companies that are established in the annuity market and have top ratings from the independent rating services. Fixed annuity rates are constantly changing as the long-term interest rates on bonds change.

To assist in your Fixed annuity search we have also scanned the annuity marketplace for those companies that pay a substantial reduction in the typical sales commission in order to offer a higher guaranteed rate to the general public. As we discussed above, these rates are guaranteed and locked in for the corresponding time frames quoted.

Simply complete the form below and we will send you the detailed rates, safety ratings and company overview for the plans available in your state. There is no obligation to purchase any product and your information is kept strictly confidential. We are not, nor will we be in the business of selling names. Our goal is simply to deliver the best quotes from the best companies with the best service.

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