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Annuities from top-selling companies with no load to buy and no surrender charges to sell have many benefits over a No-Load Mutual Fund. Click here to view our Annuity Showcase.

The Similarities of No Surrender Charge Annuities and No-Load Mutual Funds.

  • No-Load to buy, 100% of your money goes to work immediately.
  • No-Load to sell, you money is always available without any surrender charges.
  • Access to top Investment Advisors including: Fidelity, Janus, Vanguard, INVESCO, American Century and many others.

Advantages No Surrender Charge Annuities have that No-Load Mutual Funds don't offer.

  • Tax Deferral - All of your Dividends, Capital Gains and Interest all grow and compound 100% Tax-Deferred.
  • You can switch between sub-accounts over the phone without creating a taxable event and without any costs for switching.
  • There's no limit on the amount you can tax shelter in an annuity. Other tax-deferred investments including IRA's and 401k's limit the amount you can contribute.
  • You gain access to traditional Investment Advisors like Federated, AIM, Salomon Brothers and a long list of others without their traditional front- or back-end loads.
  • Annuities give you access to a variety of sub-accounts, all within one single investment. You can put together a complete Asset Allocation portfolio all within one product.
  • Annuities provide a guaranteed return to your heirs regardless of market performance.
  • Annuities can be converted to a Guaranteed income for the rest of your life.*
  • Annuities avoid probate and pass on directly to your Beneficiaries, free of the costs and delays of probate.

Now take a look at our Annuities Showcase. We've done the research for you. The companies listed are all leaders in today's fast-growing annuity marketplace.

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